Efficient Furnace Filters are an Important Part of Any Strategy to Reduce Indoor Pollution

There are many types to select from and furnace filter efficiencies vary greatly. Bryant furnace filters, Air Bear furnace filters, Space-Guard furnace filters, 3m furnace filters and Aprilaire furnace filters are only a few of the brands available to choose from.

 An important thing to remember about a furnace filter is that the brand name is virtually unimportant and most brands are interchangeable.

How To Install Filter In Furnace

If you are replacing a frame type furnace filter you need to know the dimensions of your current filter in order to select the proper replacement. Length, Width and Thickness are the measurements that you need to know. If you have a filter with unusual dimensions, most online suppliers offer custom made sizes to meet your needs. The new filter will slide into the furnace filter rack the same as the original one.

Compare furnace filters such as the Electronic air filter, Electrostatic air filter, pleated media air filter, Hepa air filters and Pleated filters.

To keep your furnace filter performing at maximum efficiency it must be replaced or cleaned at regular intervals. Filter maintenance also helps to keep your heating or cooling equipment operating at maximum efficiency and reduces operating costs.

Some of these filters are not very efficient and will only trap the largest of dust particles, while others such as the electrostatic air filter will trap over 97 percent of the household allergens that come in contact with them.

It is important to keep in mind that when shopping for a new air filter, discount furnace filters are not always a bargain. It is best to shop for efficiency. For more detailed information about the various types of furnace filters and air conditioner filters we recommend FurnaceFilterCare.com for a good selection of furnace filters check out RiteAir.com. which sells high quality filters from Boair, Max and Hepa-Pure. These filters will replace your existing disposable filter. Riteair’s filters are compatible with all of the major brands including Trane, Ruud, American Standard, Lennox, York, Bryant, Carrier, Rheem, Honeywell and many others.

To help reduce infiltration of airborne particles from outside, maintain the filters in your home ventilation equipment also. These heat recovery ventilator and air exchanger filters are usually washable and should be replaced if they deteriorate. Stop airborne particles before they enter your home and reduce the workload on your furnace filters.

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