Electronic Air Cleaners

When properly installed and maintained Electronic Air Filters are up to 98% efficient.

If you suffer from allergies this is an excellent choice for your home. The highly efficient design will stop bacteria, pollen, dust, animal dander, cooking smoke and tobacco smoke.

The air circulating through your heating and cooling system carries millions of air-borne particles. When the air passes through the electronic air filter, the first section, which is the pre-filter, traps most of the larger particles. The smaller particles pass through the pre-filter and are electrically charged as they pass through the second section. The collector plates in the third section attract these particles and hold them until the cells are removed and cleaned.

The greatest advantage of electronic air filters is that they offer the highest filtering efficiency while at the same time causing the lowest amount of resistance to air flow.

As other filters collect dust the pressure drop across them increases and can cause system problems due to reduced airflow. This is especially true in air conditioning systems. The design of Electronic Air Filters eliminates the possibility of this kind of restriction as long as the pre-filter is kept clean.

Advantages Of Electronic Air Filters

An electronic air filter will be about 98% efficient and will stop particles up to .01 microns in size.


To help put this into perspective, a human hair is 100 microns and a sharp pencil point is about 200 microns. Pollen is 1 – 10 microns, Mold spores are about 5 – 10 microns, Bacteria is about 1 -5 microns, Oil Fumes and Smoke particles are about .3 – 1 microns


An electronic air filter will have a low resistance to air flow.
This is very important because you want to have as little restriction to air flow as possible through your heating or cooling system. Reduced air flow can cause poor system performance and even lead to system breakdowns.


Disadvantages of Electronic Air Filters


An electronic air filter will require a 120 volt power supply.
This is not necessarily a disadvantage because they do not consume a lot of energy, but if you don’t have a 120 volt power supply nearby you may have to hire an electrician to install a 120 volt outlet in this location.
Your electronic air filter will require some duct modifications to install.
Electronic air filters are about six inches thick so some modifications to the duct system will have to be made in order to accept these filters. This is not a big job so you may be able to do it yourself. If you are not comfortable with this, a local sheet metal contractor should be able to do it in 1 – 2 hours depending on accessibility.
Higher initial investment for an electronic air filter.
When purchasing an electronic air filter you must also look at installation costs. Will you have to hire an electrician? Will you have to hire a contractor to install it?

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