Pleated Air Filters, The Most Widely Used Filter

Pleated Air Filter Construction

Pleated air filters are made with material that has been pleated or folded to provide more surface area. These pleated air filters are often the most efficient of all the media air filter types and are a whole house air filter. By increasing the surface area for collecting dust, airflow through the pleated air filter is less restricted. It is important to monitor pleated air filters and change them when required so they do not become plugged with too much dust and restrict airflow through your heating or cooling equipment.

Pleated air filters are available from one-inch up to six inches thick. The thicker the pleated air filter the longer you can wait between filter changes. The reason for this is the thicker the pleated filter the deeper the pleats and more surface area to catch dust particles.

The Real Cost Of Inefficient Media Air Filters

There are many different types of media air filters but most are not worth using in your equipment because they are very inefficient. A good way to decide if a media air filter is worth using is to hold it up and look through it. If you can easily see through it don’t waste your money. The purchase price may be lower but the real cost is in the poorer air quality and higher equipment maintenance costs. The dust that passes through this type of media air filter will end up on your furniture and in the duct system. If this media air filter is in an air conditioner or heat pump system, dust will eventually build up on the surface, and between the fins of the heat exchanger coil and restrict airflow. Under some conditions this could actually lead to equipment failure.

Most pleated air filters are 25 – 30 percent efficient. This of course depends on the material used in the construction of the pleated filter. Pleated air filters can be up to 60 percent efficient and some manufacturers claim over 85 percent efficiency when the filter media is treated.

Unless you suffer from allergies, a pleated air filter will do an adequate job of filtering the air that passes through your heating and cooling equipment.

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