Dust Mite Allergy

How do you feel about spiders? Do you find the thought of spiders living in your home unsettling? House dust mites are members of the spider family. That’s right, these eight-legged microscopic creatures are arachnids and relatives of spiders.

The house dust mite is unable to bite people because they are too small. Dust mites live in your home and work place and go about their business unnoticed unless you suffer from a dust mite allergy.

Although it is called a dust mite allergy, it is actually the dust mite feces and secretions that they leave behind that you are allergic to. Dust mite droppings cause skin irritations and breathing problems in many people.

About 10 percent of the population suffers from house dust mite allergy to some degree. Some of the symptoms of a dust mite allergy are runny nose, itching, sneezing, watering eyes and difficulty breathing. These dust mite allergy symptoms are similar to pollen allergies.

You cannot see house dust mites because they are about 200 times smaller than a human hair. Dust mites feed on dead skin from our bodies and the bodies of our pets.

You can not eliminate your dust mite allergy but you may be able to take steps to manage it. The key to managing your dust mite allergy is dust mite control.

Dust Mite Control Can Help Reduce Allergies

Are you wondering if you have dust mites in your house? Even the cleanest home will have dust mites and there is really no way to eliminate them entirely. Implementing some or all of the dust mite control tips below may reduce populations enough so that you have no more dust mite allergy symptoms. The […]